Our half-day programs for kids ages 1–12 use fun, activity-based instruction to teach children about a variety of topics. All sessions include age-specific, sensory-based learning to engage students in math, language arts, science, fine motor skill, social-emotional, and fine arts activities. These programs take place on-site at your childcare facility, in our Batavia headquarters, and through field trips.

We offer themed Curiosity Kids series, including . . .

Curious About Turkeys. Over 20 half-day programs focus on turkey-related topics—what turkeys eat, their lifecycle and anatomy, the history of turkeys, modern turkey farming, and yummy recipes—plus the opportunity to interact with a live turkey.

Curious About Stories. With a focus on fairy tales, this Curiosity Kids series transforms stories into active experiences, bringing classic adventures to life. Children will engage in learning through fun exercises like counting peas and mattresses, making bread, tapping out the rhythm of billy goats crossing a bridge, and interacting with a baby “ugly” duckling.

Curious About Flowers. This series provides great springtime learning and can be tied to your Mother’s Day curriculum. Instruction includes art activities (making a flower pot, using flowers as paintbrushes), exploring the cycle of plant growth, plus counting and sorting tasks.

Curious About Dinosaurs. Our prehistoric friends provide learning opportunities tied to topics like dinosaur measurements and size comparisons, animal diets, digging for bones, and dinosaur habitat, plus a volcano science experiment.

And more! Sessions and curricula can be developed based on your specific thematic needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Curiosity Kids programs are available at these times.

  • Monday through Saturday: 8:00am–12:30pm, 12:30–5:00pm, 5:00–9:30pm
  • Sundays: 8:30am–1:00pm, 1:00–5:30pm
  • Other times can be arranged with advance notice, including special sessions to accommodate school closings and half days.
  • Before and after program care is available, as well as overnight care.

Curiosity Kids instructors are early childhood professionals who have passed DCFS and FBI background checks and are CANTS approved.

630-201-4123 info@allabouteducationinc.com 35W075 Chillem Dr, Batavia, IL 60510